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Here's the thing-

People are forever asking you what you do or want to do or think you might want to do. There is simply

no way to avoid this question no matter how old or

young you are.

It's tricky to get away with an answer that goes like this, " I like to snoop through stuff that doesn't belong to me, and get in touch with busy important people who don't know I exist and then weasel myself into places where I'm not allowed. 

Now tell me about yourself-

Here's an easier and simpler solution. 

I write non-fiction. 

And then I throw in a little fiction just to mix it up.

 I really like learning about history from "stuff" and it turns out

there is an actual term for doing this kind of thing called

"Material Culture". 
Someone once described it as understand the "thingness of things." 

Sometimes it's just easier to say you write books. 




Me- Age 4- Dressing the Part...

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Wonder how it got there and where it used to be.


Learn about fleas, an

unsolved mystery that is still going on today.


It was a lot darker in real life.

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Here's the result.

Snooping / check

Bothering people / Check

Go places not allowed/ Check

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This is Marjory Fielding

the Supervisor of the National Ballet of Canada Wardrobe Shop who let me tag along, bother her and go to places where I'm not allowed.

Ringing Phone
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The best part about

spending time following

people around in a place where you've never been is that you see what the people who work there do everyday to create

some of the most

beautiful costumes

you've ever seen.


Ringing Phone
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It's not enough

to just look at 

items and ask

questions. There's also a lot of research you need 

to do which is

another way of being

allowed to read.

Ringing Phone
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The truth is besides

all the people who 

help you do your own work there are a lot of other people

involved in publishing a book.

There were a lot of wonderful fun parts about this project

but also some obstacles and that is

when you it's helpful

to have good snacks, great people to help you and a


Ringing Phone
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